learn abc for kids

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  • Kids NetLinks PBS Kids Browser 2

    Kids NetLinks PBS Kids Browser 2 is a program for kids to enter the top learning games and activities on PBS Kids Web site. With a click of a button,
  • Kids clothes kids game 008

    kids clothes kids game kids clothes. Kids like games. kids clothes Use this game for free and fun. This is free online kids_clothes kids game. This
  • Learn & Fun - ABC 1.0

    Learn ABCs, words, 123s, and get familiar with colors. Test what you have learned with fun-to-play quizzes. Test your skills through 10 quizzes that
  • Kids Having Fun 3.1

    With all of the games there is a strong emphasis on fun, the child will want to play the game because it's fun, not because they are learning,
  • 1 2 3 for kids 1

    Can your kid count? Do you know all digits? Can you chain it 1,2,3,4,5 . MATH IS FUN AND WHO CAN DOUBT IT IF WE HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT ! Can your kid
  • the TAB Kids 3.1

    The TAB Kids is a nice program that can help kids create simple animations. The application includes a series of landscapes and images they can use to
  • My Kids 2.6

    My Kids is a must-have program for all parents. If you have two kids like I do, you know how hard it is to remember medical histories and upcoming
  • Kids 1.0

    You can change default icons by using handy software utility Kids that features 245 most beautiful
  • Kids Pix 1.0

    The full f entertainment game for kids is Kids Pix. In this game, your aim is to just unlock the specific part for appearing the hidden picture
  • Learn Chinese 2.32 Build 2

    Learn Chinese 2.32 helps you to learn how to speak Chinese and let you learn Chinese characters i.e. Pinyin besides gives you china's knowledge. It
  • Learn Hypnosis... Now! 2.0

    Michael Stevenson hypnosis is a clinical hypnotherapist and hypnosis expert book that takes out the magic and secrecy and show down the real results
  • Learn Hypnosis 1.0

    Ε“One and a half years ago I was sitting alone in my crummy old apartment. I had recently finished a hypnosis training and was slowly getting in to
  • Learn A Face 1.01

    Learn A Face software is a program that can teach many different subjects. States and Capitals ?USA, Presidents of the United States, and The
  • Learn Numbers! 3.0

    Learn Numbers! is a program which helps you learn and practice foreign numbers. It supports English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and
  • Learn then Play 3.5

    Learn then Play is incentive based learning and child protection software that provides parental controls while children learn and then play in a
  • Learn the U.S. Presidents 1.0

    Through a series of engaging activities, learn information about each of the 44 U.S. presidents, identify photos by name, arrange the presidents in
  • Learn to draw 1.0

    Short report by professional pencil artist Adam Valentine about the art supplies you'll need to do your best drawings. Learn about the paper, pencils,
  • Learn Hebrew 1.0

    The exclusive program Learn Hebrew makes learning of the Hebrew Bible very easy. It includes 24 Lessons and each lesson includes approximately 20
  • MB Learn Runes 1.55

    This is runes learning & testing software. MB Free Learn Runes Software is a divinational tool for learning and testing the basics of runes
  • MB Learn Cartomancy 1.25

    A Cartomancy divination learning software. MB Free Learn Cartomancy is an interesting software that helps one learn more about divination with
  • MB Learn Graphology 1.20

    This is a free graphology learning software. MB Free Learn Graphology is an interesting software that helps one learn more about the study of
  • MB Learn Numerology 1.20

    This is a numerology learning software. MB Free Learn Numerology is an interesting software that helps one learn more about the study of numbers or
  • MB Learn Palmistry 1.20

    This is a free palmistry learning software. MB Free Learn Palmistry is an interesting software that helps one learn more about the study of palms
  • MB Learn Yoga 1.65

    This is an advanced yoga educational tool. Yoga is one of the most ancient practices of meditation which helps you to keep yourself calm and your
  • Learn Telepathy 1.2

    Telepathy is a basic skill possessed by all humans, whether they know it or not. Why? Because we are spirits, not bodies. We existed in the Spirit
  • Learn Spanish 1.0

    Most of us don’t remember what it was like to learn the language that we speak. We were babies. But we do remember trying to teach our baby or
  • Learn HSK Characters 1.0

    This program involves 900 Chinese characters, 700 of them are the most commonly used characters included in the HSK grade A. Here they are spoken by a
  • Learn Electronics 12 5.03

    Learn about TTL and CMOS. Learn Electronics Part Twelve is a self paced tutorial explaining how TTL and CMOS chips
  • Learn Kana 1.0

    Learn Kana is a good software can help you to learn Japanese language. Such as Hiragana and Katakana. It is very easy to use and practice your
  • Learn Visual C# .NET 1.0

    Learn Visual C# .NET (Table of Contents) is a ten week course (plus one bonus class) covering object-oriented programming concepts, the Visual C#
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  • Alphabettie Learn your ABCs 1.1.10

    Alphabettie learn your abc???s is a good and small teaching tool which with Characters help kids learn. In this software there are some Animated Characters help kids learn the language easy and
  • Popnoggin 1.0.709

    Do your kids PLAY too much on the computer? Do they need practice in multiplication or other subjects at school? Popnoggin makes any computer time educational by challenging kids while they play. Use their favorite
  • Apple Math 1

    Math for kids of all ages. Also has times tables for kids.When you get the right answer you get a happy face. When it is wrong you get a sad face. Has 3 levels of difficulty to choose from.There are addition,
  • Kids machine A 10.30

    Music program provides a carefully planned The program provides a carefully planned sequence of music learning for children accompanied by parents or caregivers and uses the natural human inclination. Toy Musical
  • Music game C 11.18

    Compare Piano for kids.Piano for kids. Compare Piano for kids.Piano for kids. Piano for kids Subject: Music Art Piano for kids--Professor Rhythm and his amazing magic piano will make learning to read music and
  • Wonder Pets Join The Circus

    Wonder Pets Join The Circus is an entertaining game for little kids in which they must help certain animals carry out their daily activities at the circus to obtain resources that can later be traded for prizes. This
  • Animal ABCs 1.0

    This game gives kids a fun way to learn the abcs. kids go through a vet hospital and spell the names of fun animals. Ages
  • The Sims 2 Apartment Life 1.0

    yours kids life is totally changed when they live in luxurious apartments. Living standard in apartments is full of facilities where your kids have new neighbors new living styles socially and economically. Your kids
  • Crazy Math Game 1.40

    Crazy Math Game, a multimedia software, to help your kids learn math efficiently. Five modules(Column Operations, Four Operations, Crazy Multiplacation, Searching Equations and 24 Points) to improve your kids' mental
  • Kids jigsaw 007

    Educational child jigsaw for school Child jigsaw learn the kids abc. kids need to find a place of the letters. kids jigsaw. This game develop abc memory. Educational child jigsaw software for school and personal.
  • DinoPaint 1.0

    DinoPaint is a fun dinosaur coloring book that helps kids learn all about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. With 30 dinosaurs and other animals (in the registered version), this is a fun and educational way to
  • Kids NetLinks PBS Kids Browser 2

    kids NetLinks PBS kids Browser 2 is a program for kids to enter the top learning games and activities on PBS kids Web site. With a click of a button, kids can choose from coloring, and to games to math. Straight forward
  • Merry Motors

    While many parents let their kids play games that hardly have any educational value, you should allow yours to play while learning at the same time. Merry Motors will give the kids the chance to enjoy their games as they
  • KidZui - The Internet for Kids 5.0.157

    Fun for kids KidZui is a free Web browser, search engine and online playground for kids 3-12. kids have the freedom to learn, play, search and discover over 2 million games, websites, videos and photos on their own.
  • KidStarter

    kidstarter comes with lots of features that make any PC Safe easy-to-use for even the youngest children! ???Every program and website is one simple click away ???kids can only access content you approve for them
  • USA States and Capitals Game 1.0

    This is a simple PC game I put together for my kids as they were learning their states and capitals. There are three ways to play: placing states on a blank map, matching capitals to states, or matching state names to
  • Esthers Playhouse 1.0

    Esthers's Playhouse is a fun and educational game for kids. It teaches all the fundamentals of kindergarten in one fun filled game. Your kids will learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and puzzles. Esthers
  • ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint 1

    kids can now easily learn how to paint and how to drawing with ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint. It can also work best with Multi touch and touch devices. Its detailed drawing tools includes: Vivid Image, Texture Brush,
  • Hand Writing Factory Home Edition

    Create writing worksheets with a dashed font. You can enter any text or letters for the kids to trace and learn how to write. Add a title and clipart to the top of the page to make it fun. Save and load your worksheets
  • music game B 01.10

    Multicultural music Activities and Music for Multicultural music Activities and Music for kids.World Music Albums for Children - Childrens Music That Parents Will Love - World Music for kids. My colleague Megan (World
  • Paint online N 08

    Paint online Paint online.TIME for kids Subscribe to TIME for kids Harry Potter Challenge. Test your Hogwarts smarts! TIME for kids.films for kids for up-to-date information on the current month?s films, We arent able
  • Kea Coloring Book 3.7

    A fantastic Coloring Book for kids of all ages. "All of the fun. None of the mess!" Includes 15 pictures, and over 300 more available from the website for registered users. You can even add your own pictures. kids
  • Kids keep it quiet 005

    SONGS FROM kids MUSIC ARTISTS. SONGS FROM kids MUSIC ARTISTS. CHOOSE A BUTTON TO VIEW MORE ARTISTS AND SONGS. This is the place for great free songs for kids! Download all the terrific. Its a Big Big World : Monkey
  • Visual Basic 5/6 for Kids 2.0

    Visual Basic 5/6 for kids a tutorial that was originally written in 1998 consisting of 11 chapters explaining how to build a Visual Basic application. The tutorial is written for and directed to kids. kids learn about
  • Kids` Programming Language Home (KidsPL) 1.1

    kidsPL (kids' Programming Language) is an intuitive and easy-to-learn programming language for kids with German syntax. Please refer to German description for further

    Our highly popular TALKING Junior Math tutor uses an Interactive Character to help kids make Progress in the 4 basic arithmetical functions! Start with simple addition and progress thru subtraction, multiplication and
  • Kid's Typing Skills 2.0.0017

    Kid's Typing Skills is a typing tutor for kids. It teaches kids how to use the keyboard, a very needed skill nowadays, due to the increasing role of computers in every human activity. Through simple lessons, aided by
  • Jr. Doctor 1.0

    This game gives kids a fun way to experience being a doctor. kids go through a hospital and help cure famous fairy-tale characters such as humpty dumpty, frosty the snowman, and many more. kids perform surgery and battle
  • AlphaBaby 1.7

    My kids love to play with the computer. Unfortunately, they also have the habit of renaming my hard drive to "axlfkaj". So, I wrote AlphaBaby so they could safely use the Mac without inflicting too much damage! AlphaBaby
  • Kids Playground Web Browser 10.2

    The handy software tool for kids is kids Playground Web Browser that lets kids to surf online your provided web links. It supports protecting link editor with